The Allure of the Southwest: Inspiration and Creation of the 1920s Art Colonies History

The Roaring Twenties initiated an artistic time in the US; many artists and writers migrated to Europe to seek adventure and inspiration in the bustle of Parisian life. Others ventured to the Southwest, seeking open spaces and solitude. Women were most integral in establishing the vibrant art colonies of the 1920s in New Mexico. These communities grew within a spirit of independence, promoting interactions with the landscapes and existing cultures.

Join us for an exploration of the lives and work of these artists and writers. This course will be on the move in Northern New Mexico. We’ll explore the landscapes that inspired them, visit museums and estates developed by the 1900s single women known as “New Women”, and view the works of the artists and writers of this time period. Discussions of readings and art experiences will enrich the visits to these relevant sites. This course speaks to the artist and writer, wanderer, dreamer, and explorer seeking comfort from the vast blue skies and solid ground of the Southwest. 

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Lisa Nordstrum

Lisa Nordstrum teaches Middle School New Mexico History and an Upper School honors Women’s Studies course. She graduated from Colorado College with a major in Southwest Studies and a minor in Women’s Studies, earned her NM K-12 teaching certification at the University of New Mexico, and has completed many graduate level courses in a variety…

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