Plein Air Painting in Northern New Mexico

The wide open spaces and majestic high desert light has long attracted artists to Santa Fe and the surrounding mesas, canyons, and mountains of Northern New Mexico. You are invited to immerse yourself in these spaces and explore watercolor, acrylic and oil painting as a means for experiencing the environment in a deeper way.¬†We will…

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Great Matters: Zen, Literature, and the Southwest

Imagine a day of reading haiku masters Basho and Issa, or Romantic poets Wordsworth and Shelley, out in the breathtaking natural landscape of Northern New Mexico, wandering the mountains and arroyos as we wander the lines on the page together, becoming full of the richness, mystery, and beauty of both. How did these poets distill…

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Introductory Mountain Biking for Educators

Every day as educators, we are asked to create and problem solve in the moment. In this experiential learning retreat, educators are invited to assume the role of a student of one of the fastest growing adventure sports in the US: mountain biking. Join us this summer in Santa Fe to explore some of the…

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