Stu Pendleton

Stu Pendleton¬†is one of the finest mountain bikers in New Mexico and also a bikepacker. Stu coaches the Santa Fe Rattlers, who welcome any 6th – 12th grader in Santa Fe to compete in the New Mexico Interscholastic Cycling League. Stu is also an excellent bike mechanic who moonlights for fun at his favorite bike shop. When he’s not cycling, Stu is a full time elementary school math teacher and father to an awesome 23 year old.¬†

Faculty Courses

Introductory Mountain Biking for Educators

Every day as educators, we are asked to create and problem solve in the moment. In this experiential learning retreat, educators are invited to assume the role of a student of one of the fastest growing adventure sports in the US: mountain biking. Join us this summer in Santa Fe to explore some of the…

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