Marc Reynolds

Marc Reynolds teaches science and is the chair of the science department at Santa Fe Prep. He has taught Biology, Research in Science, and Ecology while guiding participants from elementary school to adulthood in outdoor education, wilderness and traditional skills,  nature connection, and sports development. Marc taught an experiential education program called Nature’s Classroom before going back to graduate school to earn an MS in Environmental Ecology from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. Marc went on to develop outdoor programs at Salisbury School  (CT), Collegiate School  (VA), and at Santa Fe Prep. Marc also developed a nonprofit  called Earth Lacrosse, which used a partnership with the Iroquois community to develop  stronger connections  between the roots of the game and contemporary lacrosse players. Marc received  wilderness and mentoring training at Bushy Hill Nature Center in CT; Two Coyotes Wilderness School in Newton, CT; Wolftree Programs in Montague MA; Tom Brown’s “Tracker School” in southern  New Jersey; and engaged in training at “The Art of Mentoring” at the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA. 

Faculty Courses

What the Coyote and Junco Know

Connecting Personally with Ecology as a Foundation for Developing a Practice in Outdoor Education Can you describe the feeling or smell of the air when you first felt that you were at home in nature?  Have you heard stories from others about powerful nature connective experiences and wondered if you would ever feel the same…

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