Laura Eberhardt

Laura Eberhardt is a native of Albuquerque who learned the art of fly fishing from her step-father.  Laura went to UNM and received a BME in Music Education, BA in Creative Writing, and minor in Peace Studies in December 2011.  She has taught band in Santa Fe Public Schools for five years and also plays and teaches low brass across Northern NM.  She maintains her stamina for teaching middle school through fly fishing during all of her free time.  Find her fishing videos on Youtube at Flyfishing Grrl.

Faculty Courses

The River Why

Whether it’s the repetitive action of casting a fly rod, the feeling of being lost in the midst of nature, or a fisherman’s natural inclinations towards asking big questions, fly fishers have a reputation for a philosophical bent. In this course, participants will study and write philosophical literature through experiential learning in a fly fishing…

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