Joey Reich

Joey Reich teaches math at Santa Fe Prep. After earning his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Brandeis University, Joey embarked on a career as a professional artist and glassblower. He studied glass art at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Pilchuck Glass School, before following his future wife out to New Mexico in 2003. After building and operating a glass shop and gallery in Pojoaque, Joey returned to his first love of philosophy and academia, teaching math and chess at Pojoaque Valley Middle School. He has been teaching math and chess at Prep for the last five years. Joey is an amateur scientist, proud nerd, voracious reader, gardening enthusiast, and chess fanatic who enjoys backpacking, skiing, and biking the mountains of New Mexico.  

Faculty Courses

Here’s Looking at Euclid

Most math teachers I know get into teaching the subject for one simple reason: they love math.  How often, though, does the average math teacher get to learn and explore their inquisitive passion for the subject matter.  Between grading tests and homework assignments, meeting students for extra help, and planning lessons, who has time to…

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