The World Between The Wars

The World Between The Wars

with Russell Spinney

Week 1: (6/8 – 6/12)


spinney (1)When do history teachers really get to do what they love most?

We spend all year preparing lessons, reading, and grading our students’ work. We rarely have time to read for ourselves, let alone read a whole book cover to cover, or go off on vacation and visit a place that is historically interesting to us. And when do we ever get to gather with other history teachers and historians, and just enjoy the conversation and what others may bring to the table?

Santa Fe is one of those unique places in the world that can allow us to explore the crossroads of global and US history at the local level, and this seminar is designed to bring high school educators together from all over the country to do just that.

What does the week look like?  We devote time to readings, hands-on seminars, and planned excursions to local and regional sites and museums.


  • Tour of the New Mexico History Museum, and seminar with museum researchers on how to use material objects, letters, photographs and other archival materials to study the role of the US Southwestern Borderlands in the start of the First World War, the New Deal, and the Manhattan Project.
  • Tour of the exhibitions at the NM History Museum, The Los Alamos National Laboratory Bradbury Science Museum in reference to the Manhattan Project.
  • The New Mexico Art Museum:  Tour of Colors of the Southwest exhibition and seminar with Ellen Zieselman.  The exhibition will encompass a range of art created from the early 20th century to the present and will include paintings, photographs, prints, watercolors, and ceramics.
  • Practicing “Inhabiting History” and the use of oral history transcripts in social studies and history classes. with Nikki Louis, Ph.D., Japanese American internment camp survivor, dancer, playwright, and creative writing professor at UNM; author of Breaking the Silence. A Readers Theater Play on Three Generations of Japanese-Americans.
  • Discussion of current research on Josephine Baker, Jazz, Gender and Race in Berlin with Tiffany Florvil, Ph.D., UNM Professor in German Studies.
  • Discussion of The Jew Car with the translator, Isabel Cole, on Franz Fühmann’s autobiographical story cycle The Jew Car, beginning with childhood anti-Semitism and the return to the myth of the infamous Blood Libel, and moving to a youthful embrace—and then an ultimate rejection—of Nazi ideology.
  • Discussion of ongoing research on emotions and politics in the Weimar Republic, the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust with Russell Spinney, Ph.D., History instructor at Santa Fe Prep.

The schedule for this course is here:  The War Between Worlds Schedule


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