What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

with Rob Wilder

Everyone loves a good story. Teachers are no exception. We teach great novels and essays, discuss the varying political narratives in hi-res-coversmalllocal or national politics, and find the inspiration behind a painting or piece of music. Many of us tell stories in class to engage students or illustrate an abstract idea. How many of us, however, find the time to sit down to actually write those tales we’ve been carrying for so long? Even published writers like Cheryl Strayed need writing trips to get the work done.

Rob Wilder designed this workshop with the intention of writing in a supportive atmosphere. This course is intended for any teacher interested in all levels of writing. Instead of examining student work, participants will pay close attention to their own. The specific focus will be on the teachers who wish to write about their own lives and the ways they see the world. This new course is also a natural progression for those who have taken The Way I See It. New topics will include: the lyric essay, the future of creative nonfiction, and tips for publishing.

In addition to discussing their own work, participants willread published examples of memoir and creative nonfiction, meet with established authors from the Santa Fe area thanks to relationships with the Lannan Foundation and School for Advanced Research, and perhaps take a trip to see a film in George RR Martin’s historic Jean Cocteau Theater. Some of our visitors have included Natalie Goldberg, Greg Martin, Summer Wood and Kathleen Lee.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dusting off your personal essay from a decade ago or you need a reason to finally write that story you’ve been dying to start for years. Join a supportive community of writers in the land of enchantment. You’ll be glad you did.

Here is what Rob’s participants have had to say about his facilitation and the course . . .

  • “I got what I was hoping to get: A bucketful (or ten) of strategies and ideas to take home and improve my work with kids, BUT . . .I got so much I did not plan on getting – So, while it has been remarkable professionally, it has been more so personally.”
  • ‘Getting feedback from Rob and from the class on my own work . . . That was a huge gift, freely given.”
  • “What’s great is the adventure that Rob creates. He allows an atmosphere of honest, fearless exploration. I am challenged and rewarded. Rob is an insightful guide and a supportive reader.”
  • “The entire week has exceeded every expectation. A whole week to write & read – awesome! The two things I love most! What I didn’t expect was the extraordinary human connection I made with several people who were, until now, strangers. Also, there was incredible learning under Rob’s wise guidance.”
  • “I hoped more than anything to find more energy for my own writing. . . I found that in spades.”
  • “I was with wonderful, intelligent, supportive people whom I instantly trusted and could learn from. Rob Wilder is an excellent facilitator, teacher, and ally. I come away from this with a far more vast appreciation of memoir & creative non-fiction and am so much better equipped to continue in my writing.”

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