What the Junco and Coyote Know

Connecting  Personally with  Ecology as a Foundation  for Developing a Practice  in Outdoor Education

Nature experiences are some of the most important memories that people have of their  childhood and these experiences hold a significant influence in our lives.  Regardless of the depth or length, it is common for experiences in nature to be transformational.    The role of outdoor educators is to help create safe and positive experiences for people with a range of backgrounds.   

In this course you will use ancestral and contemporary methods of reconnection such as nature journaling, natural observation of the land, navigation, role play, traditional skill development,  gathering, and games to develop not just positive and safe experiences in nature but nature connective experiences that are a vital part of human development and important to the long term  growth of any outdoor programming.  

The course will begin with one full day at Santa Fe Prep orienting and developing the foundation for a successful 4-day immersion in the Cruces Wilderness Basin on the border of Colorado and New Mexico.  You will be given the tools to continue this journey on your own upon leaving and to use these tools, skills, and experiences to help strengthen your connection to your community, those that you guide in the outdoors, and yourself. 

This course is ideal for any educator whose work takes them into the fields of outdoor education, environmental science, or really any role that requires the advising of young people in their development.  Come to the wilds of New Mexico to develop a personal ecology and grow with the land.

Daily Schedule to be posted in February

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