Fine Art: The Teaching Artist

The Teaching Artist

with Alex Peña

As dedicated teachers concentrated on imbuing students with a passion for art-making, how can you continue to pursue your own passions as artists?  Can you both teach and be an artist, existing as a in-between-certainties “Teaching Artist”?  This course will give teachers an entire week to make art, view as much art as possible, and talk about art with colleagues from around the country.

Instead of pursuing art with left-over time and left-over energy, this course will prioritize our creative expression giving this important part of life our first fruits.  Santa Fe Teaching Artists will provide practical ideas and lead brainstorming sessions on how to keep making art an integral part of professional practice.  The vast artistic resources of Santa Fe Prep’s historical art building (The Meem), world-class museums and galleries like those on Canyon Road, research institutions such as The School for Advanced Research, and Northern New Mexico’s architectural and natural beauty will serve as fodder for inspiration, discussion, and making art.


This course is designed to re-engage Art Teachers with their creativity piecing-remnants-2and expertise as artists in multiple media through active art-making.  Students will also be encouraged to continue their own personal dialogues surrounding Contemporary Art through regular discussions based on trips to museums, galleries, and research venues, and critiques of art created during the course.  The main goal of this course is to address the question of, “How can art teachers who are also artists, continue their art practice to be a ‘Teaching Artist’”?

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