Into the Wild

Into the Wild

with Melissa Carl

Week 2: (6/20 – 6/24)

MCarl“Can it be that civilization is detrimental to human progress?” –Charles Lindbergh

This class will explore questions of environmentalism in the New Mexican wilderness.  The inquiry is enriched by the unique challenges facing life in the high desert, and the policies that govern it are poignant examples of how difficult stewardship here is. Together, we will read texts on the environment written by lawyers, environmentalists, philosophers, and, of course scientists. With these readings we will try to get a handle on the hot topics of climate change, drilling in ANWR, storage of nuclear refuse, receding glaciers and diminishing snow pack, among others. We will discuss not only science, but moral and political ramifications. In addition to the classroom study, we hope to spend two nights in the Bull of the Woods Meadow, North of Taos, in a backcountry yurt, temporarily escaping the technology that gives us the illusion of mastering rather than belonging to the environment. This is a great course for any scientist, philosopher, naturalist, or environmentalist.   Into the Wild will provide a deep yet nuanced discovery of topics in environmental science in a deeply experiential way. We hope you’ll join us. (Class size limited to ten. So, register sooner rather than later!)

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