Geo of the Rio

Geo of the Rio

with Jim Heidenberger

Week 2: (6/19 – 6/23)

The volcanoes, mountain ranges, hot springs, and spectacular landscapes that contribute to the Land of Enchantment’s rapture are all features of the Rio Grande georio2-1Rift. It is a unique and significant
geologic feature of New Mexico that has influenced the region’s native, Hispanic, and American inhabitants. Starting in southern Colorado and ending in northern Mexico, the Rio Grande Rift completely bisects New Mexico in a north-south direction and has numerous significant basins, flanking mountain ranges, and other features to experience and enjoy. Our understanding of the geologic processes that formed these features changed during the 20th century and continues to evolve today. Participants will be treated to topical lectures by leaders in their field of research; however, the majority of the course consists of conducting various exploratory hikes highlighting the geology and geophysical forces which formed and sculpted the landscape and continue to do so. Participants are encouraged to photographically document their geologic journey as we travel through both space and time! From developing a basic understanding of geology to appreciating some of the more complex geophysical interactions to simply being awed by and capturing the geologic beauty of New Mexico, there is something for everyone!

Here are some things last year’s participants had to say about Jim’s course:

  • I enjoyed the whole week, particularly how we were outside each and every day!!! This is learning at its best.  Too often we forget that the most important forms of learning are experience, risk-taking, and play.  One of the most profound aspects of the activities is how it stretched most of us physically and emotionally – requiring us to trust the group and ourselves.  What a valuable lesson to impart upon our students as well.
  • This course was tremendous fun.  Some of the hikes were challenging, but this added to the camaraderie of the group.
  • I really liked the cohesiveness and morale of the group.  Jim and Ryo were a lot of fun to be with and very considerate and helpful.  I liked the fact that every experience was new for me, even though this was my sixth time in New Mexico. 


Geo on the Rio Schedule (from last year)

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