with Kristin Kalangis

Week 1: (6/13 – 6/17)

KalangisWhat is culture?  How do cultures mingle, co-exist, collide, cooperate?  The interpretation of a culture is necessarily biased and subjective. When we step into a new and ‘different’ culture, we bring with us our previous experiences, preconceptions, and ideas. An objective observation devoid of the observer’s pre-existing attitudes is virtually impossible. Few places in America have such a history of cultural collision and evolution as Santa Fe.

Ideal for history teachers, literature teachers, or those interested in diversity in schools, CultureLab will provide its participants an opportunity to observe and participate in some of the many wonderful and unique cultural histories, stories, and customs in the Santa Fe area. From the native American populations that have been here for millennia, to the influx of Spanish colonialization and the continuing migration of both peoples from the south in Mexico, and peoples from the east and west of modern day America, the constantly shifting cultural landscape of Santa Fe is an ideal place to study and discuss what culture really means.

Participants will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the lived experiences and cultural practices of the local landscape and leave with interpretations of Southwest culture and cultural traditions that can be felt ‘on its own terms’. This observation and re-telling of lived experiences has the potential to widen perception, broaden perspective and hopefully lead to greater understanding and tolerance and/or acceptance in our culturally pluralistic world. This understanding can be applied to many real-world situations in and out of the classroom by hopefully dissolving those boundaries that keep a person and a people besieged by fear and insecurity.  In short, this course has tremendous potential to deepen your practice as a teacher and as a human.

In 2015, we visited with the Story of Place Institute and the San Ildefonso Pueblo at Tsankawi.  We went to Chimayo and Pojoaque Pueblo along with experiencing all the wonder that Santa Fe has to offer.  (You can see the 2015 day-by-day schedule here:  CultureLab Schedule)



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