Performing Arts: Act to Teach – Teach to Act

Act to Teach – Teach to Act

with Brad Fairbanks

Stanford Meisner coined the phrase, “Acting is the reality of doing.”  Many of us who direct and teach theater first found our passion to teach through our passion to act.

centerstage3  This workshop, which is perfect for any teacher involved in school performances, is a chance to act again and take that experience back to the classroom. Whether challenging yourself at improvisation or exploring different techniques in scene study, the very nature of acting with others will bring you to a new appreciation of the art you love.  A myriad of shared experiences and exercises from others will get you acting to teach, and teaching to act.

Many of us feel isolated in our schools because we are the only teachers who teach this wonderful subject.  By working with others who teach theater, we can multiply our knowledge and share our experiences, forming a community that can sustain us over the year. Come join us and let’s act together, sharing acting techniques, improv exercises, trust building exercises and supporting each others’ work as actors – and as teachers of the performing arts. We can also dust off our own acting skills in the process.  It’ll be so much fun!

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