Play Lab

Play Lab:  Public Art Installation

with Paula Castillo

Week 1:  (6/9 – 6/13)


This course combines the practice of the new genre of temporary public art with strategies for getting to know place better. This course was developed for educators who are both interested in revitalizing their teaching practice and who recognize and embrace their giftedness and talent for creating fleeting pockets of thoughtful entropy. Although this course is taught by a professional artist, it is not exclusively intended for just art educators. This course will bring together a diverse group of educators who have proficiency in a variety of educational fields to include the subjects of art, science, mathematics, history, literature and language. Your expertise will inform the temporary public pieces that we develop and install.
The intent of this course is to give educators an opportunity to participate in the field of temporary public art where they will with support, actually create and install public art interventions in the City of Santa Fe that reflect their concerns.  All that is needed, in terms of preparation, are a mental and intuitive list of cultural/social concerns, and a curious and open mind .

This course will combine daily (and a few nightly) walks throughout the City of Santa Fe, with short but meaningful readings and discussions regarding the unfolding of place. Walks will utilize Dadaist principles using the strategies and variations of Guy Debord’s Derive: walking as a means of playful reinvention. Our reading list will include essays from Bruno Latour, Claire Bishop, Marcel Mauss and Lucy Lippard.

This course will reinvigorate your imagination, allow you to offer your aesthetic praxis to a larger community and develop strategies for reinvigorating awareness of place back home.

Note: This course coincides with a deepening interest in the convergence of cultural practices that directly engage social and political issues. An increasing number of thinkers, makers and activists are exploring public intervention projects. These works often come out of a community context; they emphasize participation, dialogue, and action, and appear in situations reflecting a wide range of concerns.

You can find the current day-by-day schedule here:  Play Lab Schedule


Paula from Santa Fe Prep on Vimeo.

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