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2017 EE Ford Summer Teachers’ Colloquium

This was awesome – I didn’t know how I would feel coming right after school, but I learned that this was for me not students. 🙂  -2015 participant

June 11th-16th and June 18th-23rd


Anyone who has a green thumb will tell you that the ability to help something to grow is not difficult or technical.  Rather, it is a natural element of being human.

As teachers, we are in the business of cultivating.  We cultivate growth in our students and our communities.  We devote our lives to tilling the earth of the school and her students.  We plant seeds.  We spread a ton of fertilizer.  We give a little water and a whole lot of light, and then we love to watch kids grow into themselves.  But what happens in this process if we don’t feed the farmer?

One of our recent participants had this to say:  “The lack of time that teachers give themselves, carve out for themselves, astonishes me more and more as the years go by.  Self-denial has insinuated itself into the psyche of teachers so quietly (but completely and profoundly) that we barely even notice it.  We don’t discuss it, because it is so part and parcel of the profession that we cannot even see it.”

But after the EE Ford Summer Teachers’ Colloquium, the tune of teachers who participated sounded more like this . . .

  • “It was a time to fill me up after months and even years of giving to students and school.  If any teacher keeps giving without refueling, eventually there will be burn-out and un-inspired teaching.”
  • “This will extend to my teaching – the energy, enthusiasm, and point of view.”
  • “Everything about this workshop was amazing and extremely well-organized throughout.  This has been the trip of a lifetime for me both personally & professionally.  I am forever changed and recharged from this experience.”
  • “This experience has given me new perspectives and connections. It was everything I had hoped for and more!”
  • “This was a fantastic experience physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

And this is what the EE Ford Summer Teachers’ Colloquium is about.  It’s about feeding the farmers.  It is about giving teachers an opportunity to get in touch with their own wonder and to learn together in a beautiful place.  It is about opening lines of inquiry that then feed us as human beings and as educators.


EE Ford Summer Teachers’ Colloquium 2014 from Santa Fe Prep on Vimeo.

The Colloquium is composed of two, one-week sessions. Each session has a variety of courses from which to choose that are in four basic tracks: Math & Science, Writing, History & Culture, and the Arts. The Colloquium is intended to provide professional teachers with a chance to explore their subject for an entire week with a diverse group of colleagues at an adult and deep level. Each course will use a community approach that involves seminar-style discussion, field trips and outings, and guest speakers to incorporate the many learning partners and resources unique to Santa Fe. This isn’t a pedagogical professional development opportunity where we are primarily focused on how to teach. This is an opportunity to relearn how to learn and fall in love with learning all over again.  Course instructors have the expertise to ask the right questions and guide the dialog without a fixed idea of where the course will lead. After all, the program should feed all the teachers involved, including those offering courses.

So, welcome to the informational repository for the EE Ford Summer Teachers’ Colloquium.  We hope that you will find our site easy to navigate.  All of the links you need are at the top of the page including full course descriptions, lodging and travel information, registration instructions, and contact information.

Take a tour around and see if there is something that jolts your educational juices, and feel free to email us at eeford@sfprep.org if you don’t find the information you’re looking for.



Drew G Nucci


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